Basics of church membership.

Plymouth Brethren often do not refer to themselves as Plymouth Brethren except as a last resort when pigeon-holed into identifying themselves to another denomination. They typically refer to themselves as adhering to New Testament church principles, or simply identify as Christians.1 They believe that denominationalism is an affront to God and disrupts the unity of the church.

Since Christians are baptized in one Spirit to one Lord of one universal church, Plymouth Brethren accept all Christians into their midst whether they adhere to “assembly principles” or not. Participation in the Lord’s Supper only requires one to be saved and in good standing wherever they choose to assemble for Christian fellowship.

With no church membership, there is also no overseeing board or governing body to regulate how churches or those who attend those churches conduct themselves.

Consequently, when trying to find information on the Plymouth Brethren, it’s rather difficult since there are few identifiers to search for. Hence this blog!


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